Gestion de ventana

La gestión de ventana se realiza con el sensor de ventana y el ahorrador de energía wireless. 

Es la operativa más sencilla, ya que, en este caso si se abre la ventana (durante más de algunos minutos) el ahorrador de energía hotel desactivará el aire acondicionado, evitando que el aire esté funcionando en una habitación donde está la ventana abierta.

> Puede haber varios sensores gestionados por un mismo ahorrador. 



Sensor de ventana

Área privada





i2park car park energy management

The i2PARK energy management allows the car park owner cutting on the energy bill, by regulating the lighting intensity depending on the car park occupancy, car or people presence or timetables. 

i2park energy management solution enables optimizing energy in the car park, by regulating the lighting depending on the car park occupancy , presence 


The i2PARK characteristics in comparison with other solutions are the following: 

> Wireless communication devices. 

> Easy to retrofit with no need to change the current lighting system. 

> Regulation according to the characteristics of each car park. 

> Failure notification on the lighting system.  


 System benefits: 

> Energy saving: by regulating the intensity, the excessive energy consumption is adjusted to the flow of vehicles/cars. 

> User safety: the lighting automatic switching after detecting people/vehicles thus preventing the lights from being turned off when there is presence in the car park.

> Reducing the light pollution: by reducing the lighting intensity the pollution is reduced and we help the environment. 

> Preventive maintenance system: knowing the lighting failures, the excessive consumption is avoided. 


The lighting PCB according to the information received from the lighting control unit, regulates the lighting intensity of the car park, depending on ...
 The  control unit manages a group of car park lights and regulates their intensity. > It has a wireless communication with ...
 Overhead mounted, detects movement continuously and sends the information of people or vehicle presence to the lighting PCB.       ...

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